About the workshop: Discover Your Authentic Self

The next workshop will be from May 18 - 21 2017 in Colorado.

Our soul feels from the beginning. This workshop helps you to discover who you really are by exploring and integrating your earliest experiences from prenatal life and birth. It enables you to express your true self.

Welcome to this workshop are:

  • All, who are looking for personal growth and healing by exploring and integrating the early imprints from prenatal life and your own birth.
  • Parents or future parents. Resolving your own early history is a wonderful preparation for becoming pregnant and giving birth. It also gives you a better understanding of what babies want and helps you to become the parents you wish to be.
  • Health practitioners and birth professionals. Working with babies can open up your own early history, making it challenging to continue the treatment. Integrating your birth and prenatal experiences enables you to be present with the babies and families you provide care for, and to understand and support them with a new consciousness. You will get new insights into adult clients as well by knowing more about the influence of early imprints.
  • Actors, scriptwriters, and artists. Discovering detailed facets of your authentic self improves your creativity and allows you to find your unique artistic expression.

This four-day workshop offers a safe and nurturing environment for the discovery journey toward yourself and your very early history. Experiences before, during, and shortly after birth have a huge impact on how we see the world, how we act in it, and how we build our relationships. These pre-verbal recollections are stored in our body memory. From there they influence our behavior.

Integrating these recollections from our cell memory into our conscious experience starts a deep and profound transformational process. By healing early traumas you will feel the innate connection with your origin again, which becomes a source of strength in your everyday life.

You will be able to create more options for your current behavior and for being in a healthy relationship. You will meet your genuine self and find new ways of stepping up to that wonderful person you always wanted to be.


“Life is wonderful! Thanks again for your magical guidance! I am finally experiencing myself fully arrived in my true life! And I am carrying a deep smile inside me, as my treasure and little sanctuary. My heart leaps with joy, I am happy that I am born, and I feel wonderful! I am very grateful for this amazing experience!”

Elke Overbeck, HP, Craniosacral Therapist, Berlin, Germany, web: elke-overbeck.de

“I feel that I finally am myself. I am acting with peace and inner strength, which I always assumed I would have, but could not access. And now my inner strength is right here with me. I feel anew, feel newly born – and I am saying this with all my heart! I rediscovered my true voice, with the confidence that I will be listened to. I am more conscious while I am speaking – and others are actually interested in what I have to say. Thank you so much for this amazing experience! The way you held space for our sessions to unfold, the way you listened, the way you saw our true self, the way you were just present with us, was extraordinary! I feel blessed that I could be part of it. These four days have an unbelievable and surprising aftermath. I am amazed and grateful!”

Iris Garlipp, Berlin, Germany, mom of 3, marketing specialist, web: meehrsinn.de

“Thanks for this life-changing experience! I discovered – and still do – so many new layers of my being, feeling, thinking… And I learned to finally listen to my intuition. What a gift! Thank you so much!”

Angela Kloss, Physiotherapist, Craniosacral Therapist, Cuxhaven, Germany, web: stillpunkt.eu

“I learned so much, for myself, for my relationship, my profession, my family, my soul. Your work is wonderful, a pleasure, a blessing! It enriches my life. There is joy and lightness of being. I feel connected and yet good and comfortable with myself! Wonderful and new!
There is a special quality you add to this work, it comes from you and is contagious, inspiring. Thank you so much for this!”

Ursula Walke, HP, Osteopath, Nürnberg, Germany

The structure of the workshop

Each participant will receive an extended session from Dr. Angelika Schultz, during which he or she can explore the connection between current issues and prenatal, birth, or infant imprints. The session starts with a conversation about the participant’s intention and wishes. There is also room to share important memories and personal history.

Craniosacral bodywork and Birth Integration Therapy will assist the process of remembering early experiences as well as integrating these memories. The presence of the group will support every session by creating a safe and nurturing field that acts like a “social womb”. Since you have witnesses for your process, the group members can confirm your experience and will support you in integrating what you have learned into your everyday life. In addition, the group setting provides the chance for healing to take place while being in contact with others and experiencing support. This can change the widespread belief that we have to handle everything alone, which is caused, among other things, by the custom of separating babies from their mothers after birth.

The time frame of spending four days together creates a strong field of mutual support. It allows the healing and learning process to unfold with plenty of space to integrate the material from your own session as well as from your experience during the other sessions. The first morning starts with an introduction about the workshop and an opportunity to get familiar with each other by sharing your intention or other personal information. We will also establish some basic supporting skills. There will usually be two sessions a day, separated by a lunch break.

The following morning there will be a review of the previous day’s sessions. This gives you the possibility to ask some questions that may have arisen after your session. Finding words for what you experienced in a preverbal state helps to build a connection between the right and the left brain. This connection facilitates you to integrate what you have learned from your session into your everyday life.

The review also offers education. If you are a therapist, you will receive new insights about babies and birth. It will change your work with children and families as well as open a new view toward your adult clients.

This workshop is an excellent tool for personal growth and healing. If you are a parent, or pregnant, or wish to conceive, this work will help you to become the best parent you want to be. Resolving your own issues around prenatal life and birth is a wonderful preparation for becoming a parent, for being pregnant and giving birth to your own children, and for deepening your relationship with your older children

Please contact me if you are interested in this workshop. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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