My vision

Welcome to my Practice for Craniosacral Therapy and Birth Integration.

As a medical doctor from Germany, I am specialized in Craniosacral Therapy with babies, children, and families, and in craniosacral work during pregnancy and birth.

My vision is to make a difference on earth by changing the way we are welcoming babies, welcoming our next generation. This involves teaching a new way of preparation for pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

Welcoming babies needs preparation

Welcoming babies begins even before conception. The way you, as parents, prepare yourselves for pregnancy and birth, and how you experience and celebrate the pregnancy and birth, has an impact on your future child. This impact includes the health of the child to be. Even Traditional Western Medicine has figured out by now what pre- and perinatal therapists have known for a very long time: A lot of diseases later in life have their origin in the nine months of life in the womb. This is why it makes sense to be prepared.

Early impacts also form the personality of your future child. Experiences before, during, and shortly after birth affect the children’s way to see the world and act in it.  And it influences their ability to form loving relationships and to reach their full potential, being confident about their part in life.

As new research in medicine and neurophysiology shows: our brain builds connections at the fastest rate in these very special days and hours around our birth. Never before, or after, do we build so many neuronal networks. This is part of the reason that everything we learn and encounter during this time has such a huge impact on us.

Our remarkable healing ability

We all have an amazing competence to heal. That means even if we could not prevent something from happening, we have an opportunity to integrate it later and to heal from it. Sometimes family members or friends can provide the safe and healing environment, full of empathy and compassion. Other times the family might be too close and involved, or the impact so overwhelming, that it makes sense to seek professional help. Craniosacral Therapy and Birth Integration Therapy are great methods to support you in this healing journey.

Our healing capacity also means that as a parent you don’t have to be perfect. Be excellent! And do the best you can. When you manage to stay in communication, you can help yourself and your child to turn challenging experiences into events you learned from, rather than into a trauma that stays with you for all your life.

I support people of all ages during their process of resolving, re-patterning, and healing early imprints from birth and their prenatal life.

And with Craniosacral Therapy as well as Birth Integration Therapy I support babies and children to recover from physical and emotional injuries.

The medicine of tomorrow

My wish is to raise our awareness about babies as conscious beings. Teaching parents and health practitioners what babies want and how we can truly welcome them will preserve health and wellbeing from the very beginning and will prevent some of the negative influences that many children – and adults – have to deal with today. It also leads us into the medical paradigm of tomorrow, where conception and birth are sacred transitions, and where we will support patients to heal from the inside by combining medical knowledge and experience with listening to the inner wisdom of the patient’s body-mind system.

Listening to symptoms and understanding their messages causes them to change and disappear, and allows for a more profound healing than cutting off the parts that don’t function the way we want them to, or using drugs to cover the symptoms.

We will have an awareness that health starts before conception. This new insight will allow us to access a healthier way of living from the beginning, and it allows the new generation of children to shine, to remember who they are, to blossom, and to unfold their talents.

How I bring my vision into reality

Bringing this wish into reality includes my work of supporting and accompanying parents in their journey of preparing for conception, their journey of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Craniosacral Therapy is a wonderful tool to not only alleviate infertility and pregnancy related problems, but also to help you strengthen the bonding and intuitive communication with your unborn child.

Communication with your baby is a major key in helping him or her to overcome all challenges during pregnancy and birth, and afterwards. And you can start this communication even before conception.

Also included in my work of changing our practice around birth and pregnancy, in order to find a new way of welcoming babies, is to support adults in healing their own early imprints from birth and prenatal life. This will not only make a difference in their lives and ability to be in loving relationships, but will also change their ability to care for the next generation, prepare for a new way of parenting, and welcome new babies on Earth.

I truly believe that we can change our world by being more conscious and present about how we prepare ourselves for conception, and how we are able to accompany our children during pregnancy and birth, and in their first years. By working with families before conception, during pregnancy and birth, and afterwards, I want to facilitate these changes.

During our time in the womb, embryologic forces and organizing principles were at work, creating us and supporting us to grow. The same forces, which were active during our prenatal time, are active as healing forces throughout our entire life. These healing forces are in charge of tissue repair as well as our ongoing journey to stay or become healthy. Craniosacral Therapy and Birth Integration Therapy work with these embryologic and healing forces in us. They therefore are one of the doorways into the new paradigm of birth and of healing at all ages.

Craniosacral Therapy and Birth Integration Therapy help to start the medicine of tomorrow today.

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