The special quality of Craniosacral Therapy with babies

Because of its softness, Craniosacral Therapy is especially suited for babies and children.

During this very precious time of the first days, weeks, and months, your baby is still intimately connected with you. You grow together, learn from each other, and build a relationship for a lifetime.

A craniosacral session can not only alleviate certain problems your baby has, it will also support you in this journey of growing together and becoming a strong and loving family. Therefore it is of great value if both parents can attend a session and have the opportunity to be part of the developmental steps that take place.

What does a session look like?

The session with your baby will always take place in your presence as the parents or caregiver.

In working with children it is important to me to not only have the parent’s consent for the session, but also the baby’s approval. This is why I like to start a session with you holding your baby. It gives your baby the chance to become familiar with me and to explore the new environment, while feeling safe in contact with you.

When I first touch your baby, he or she will still be on your arm or lap. After your child feels comfortable with my hand and presence, I might treat your baby by holding her or him myself, or while your baby is laying on the massage table or on a mattress on the floor. During all times you can stay close to your child, touching its hand or foot and talking with him.

All techniques are very gentle, soft, and safe, without any pressure or manipulation.

Babies are still very close to their experience of birth. While working with your baby, he or she might want to share this adventure and tell us more about it. Since babies don’t speak our language yet, they communicate with body movements, facial expressions, and their voice, even with crying.

Like us, they want to share what happened until somebody understands and acknowledges what they experienced and how they felt during it!

This is why especially with babies Craniosacral Therapy and Birth Integration Therapy will overlap and stimulate each other.

Some of your baby’s problems might be closely related to the birth or even caused by the birth experience or a prenatal event. In my experience it is more successful to not only look at the symptoms, but acknowledge the birth story behind it. This will help your baby to be more content and happy, and will also help you to understand your baby better, to recognize its needs more easily, and to grow together as a family.

What can Craniosacral Therapy do for your baby?

Craniosacral Therapy is beneficial for your baby in many situations. It will:

  • Balance your baby’s system after birth to give him or her the best start, before minor imbalances turn into a problem
  • Help babies with colic, sleeping, or feeding challenges
  • Improve one-sided or unbalanced posture or movement patterns
  • Support your baby and you in integrating a difficult or challenging birth experience
  • Resolve structural and emotional problems after a birth by vacuum extraction, forceps, or c-section
  • Strengthen the autonomous nervous system, allowing your baby to learn more easily how to self-regulate
  • Support premature babies and children with developmental delay
  • Support your baby during challenging phases of development or a growth spurt
  • Help to prepare your infant for surgery
  • Help your baby to recover faster and easier from illness, injury, and surgery
  • Alleviate side effects from vaccinations
  • Help babies with orthopedic and neurologic problems and diseases
  • Provide additional therapy for babies with severe medical conditions, such as heart failure, Down’s syndrome, or disabilities

Please contact me if you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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