About me

I am Dr. Angelika Schultz, a medical doctor from Germany, specialized in Craniosacral Therapy with babies, children, and families, and Birth Integration Therapy. I am also a teacher for both.

I can draw on my broad background in the medical field from not only being a doctor, trained in orthodox medicine, but having additional training in Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Trauma Therapy, and more. I am also greatly influenced by my experiences of being a musician and practicing Aikido.

Being in love with my wonderful husband Chuck is what brought me to Erie, CO. After having my own practice in Berlin since 2004, I opened my new private Practice for Craniosacral Therapy and Birth Integration in Erie – close to Boulder, Longmont, and Lafayette – in November 2010.

My vision is to make a difference on earth by changing the way we are welcoming babies, welcoming our next generation. When we raise our awareness about babies as conscious beings, teaching parents and health practitioners what babies want and how we can truly welcome them, our health and wellbeing can start from the very beginning.

The next pages will show you more about my biography and my background and how it has influenced my work.

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